Telesales or Telemarketing: Do You Know The Difference?

Find out the difference between telemarketing and telesales and how it can impact your business. 

When it comes to Telesales and Telemarketing, most people do not know the difference. However, both these services are unique and can offer distinct values to every business. If you wish to get the most out of your telephone campaign, understanding the differences and finding out how they can be employed can help your business.

Industry experts use the term “Telemarketing” to refer to all the activities that employ the telephone to connect with prospective customers. Making a customer aware of a product/service, generating leads, offering information, conducting market research, canvassing established customers and selling products/services are all a part of telemarketing. In fact, telemarketing is a blanket term that even includes telesales and other areas.

When you are looking to use one of the two for your business, you must keep the following key distinctions in your mind:

Telemarketing: A service that creates interest, generates opportunities, offers information, makes appointments, avails customer feedback and produces leads over the telephone.

Telesales: A service that directly sells your services/products to a prospective customer over the telephone.

Now that you are aware of the differences between the two activities, you can choose which service to use. The choice you make will depend upon the results that you wish to gain.

What telemarketing can do for your business?

Telemarketing can help you:

  • Find new customers or generate interest in your product, service or brand by offering information directly to the customer
  • Identify prospective leads for your telesales team to close
  • Create a reliable source of data for your telesales team, instead of buying the data
  • Drive good telemarketing campaigns, which in turn will drive a great telesales campaigns
  • Eliminate the need for cold calling by your sales team
  • Minimize training costs
  • Professionally present your product service and brand to new customers
  • Canvas current customers to reveal buying trends
  • Customer service opportunities that can be converted into leads
  • Stronger appointment setting with customers who are looking for what you offer
  • Better customer satisfaction which exceeds the needs of the customer

What can telesales do for your business?

Telesales can help you:

  • Persistently and persuasively convert leads into sales
  • Increase your conversion rate while decreasing your costs per sale
  • Convert difficult leads into sales
  • Conducting resourceful campaigns and tailoring it according to your budget
  • Leave prospective and current customers with a professional impression of your business

If your business is good at speaking to customers about your products/services, but lack contact with customers, then you need telemarketing. If you are great at attracting prospective customers, but find it hard to convert that potential into business, then you should opt for telesales.

You can also combine telemarketing and telesales, wherein one service will generate a pool of potential leads, while the other will turn those leads into sales. While the telemarketers set up the appointments, the telesales team will close the deal.

Whether your business is looking for telesales or telemarketing or a combination of both, we at Outsource2india can assist you and promise you of dramatic results. Read more telemarketing and telesales services to get started with outsourcing.

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