The Advantages of using Scala

Scala offers advanced features and clean code, along with functional and object-oriented programming in an open-source package that taps into the best of Java’s environment.

No software language can be said to be impeccable for every use case, but opting to use Scala does bring in several advantages. Scala was introduced to the world in the year of 2003, with the resolve of addressing the several concerns that developers had with Java. Ever since the year of 1995, Java has remained to be popular language. However, Scala has succeeded over the several programs that have tried to compete over Java.

Scala, since it is scalable, it is easier to code, test, debug and deploy. The language of Scala is versatile and can be used to program anything be it web apps, mobile solutions, games, software as a service and desktop software amongst others.

Let us find out more about its features and when to consider using Scala for your business.

Why choose Scala over other languages?

  1. Best suited for web development
    Your enterprise should choose Scala over other languages because Scala offers concise notation and provides code complexity optimization. Also because Scala is best suited for task of web development. There is no doubt that Scala clearly exceeds over Java, C++, Go etc when it comes to web development. With its complex features, Scala offers better coding and performance increase. Macros, functions and tuples are some of the advancements offered by Scala. Another plus is Scala’s incorporation of functional and object-oriented programming. Developers who use Scala will be able to appreciate its functionality. When compared with Java, Scala is less restrictive and offers a language that is cleaner and organized.
  2. Functional and object-oriented coding
    With Scala, functional and object-oriented coding is possible. Developers who use Scala can effortlessly create code that is functional and concise. Testing and development will also be amplified with Scala. In fact, Scala can perform the same tasks as Java with just a few lines of code. The fewer lines of coding in Scala, along with the joint usage of functional and object-oriented coding ensure quicker development, testing and deployment. Functions and closures are a part of the Scala language.
  3. Compatible and interoperable with Java
    Although Scala is a different language when compared to Java, developers don’t have to worry as Scala enables interoperability and compatibility with Java. Developers can still tap into the benefits of JVM and also keep their Java libraries. The singleton object usage in Scala allows for cleaner coding.
  4. Advanced and functional features
    Scala has several functional features like string comparison advancements, pattern matching and mixins which incorporates functions within class definitions. Scala can add Java to make a program more functional and give developers access to advanced features. Another feature of Scala is its fully featured API library. Scala is not only well documented, but also accessible. This makes it a great choice for developers.

Outsource Scala web development

Scalable platforms like Twitter, Amazon, LinkedIn, Klout, Coursera and Blizzard use Scala. These enterprises switched from Java without worrying about issues in speed, as Scala has the best code optimization and speed. What about your enterprise? Does your enterprise want to tap into the benefits of using Scala for web development? If yes, what you need are Scala web development services at Outsource2india. Over the years, we have implemented several web-based projects and web applications for global enterprises. Our skilled developers can help you implement Scala for SaaS, PaaS, web applications, IDE, server-side software or mobile development. We can assure you of expert Scala web development services that are not only cost-effective, but also customizable. Find out more about Scala web development services at Outsource2india.

Did you like reading this post? Did you find the information on Scala useful? Would you prefer to start using Scala over Java for web/ mobile development? Let us know your feedback by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you.

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