The Global Mall

One of the more tangible results of Bangalore’s roller-coaster transformation from pensioner’s paradise to the back office of the world, has to be its mall culture. In a span of 2 years, we’ve seen more than five new malls come up, and each of them have been hugely popular and successful.
Although the prime reason for this outburst is the new economy and the tremendous buying power of the people, its also about the convenience and accessibility that a mall offers.
It is a one-stop-shop for all your shopping, entertainment and recreation needs.

Excitingly enough, the latest outsourcing trends point to this ‘mall culture’ as the future of outsourcing. Companies today want solutions to all their technical and non-technical needs, from ONE place. More companies are searching for an outsourcing solution that starts with research and design to development and finally managing their financial transactions as well. They’re searching for that one-stop outsourcing solution to address all of their needs.

Will it be possible for Indian companies to transform into global outsourcing malls? Will they be able to do this without compromises on quality? There are some companies that already offer a range of outsourcing services under one banner and undoubtedly, they will have the first-mover advantage.

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