3 Points to Consider When Writing a Product Description

A poorly written product description can result in skimpy sales. Consider these three points when writing an effective product description.

You can have the best products in the world on your online store, but with a poorly written product description, you can lose your customers. You must keep in mind that product descriptions are very critical in online shopping. Customers cannot touch your product online, neither can they step back and look at it in person. They can also not sample it. If they have never seen your product in real life, all they would have would be what you put into the product description.

If you already have an up and running online store with product descriptions, make sure you take the time to review the product description. Are your descriptions unique? Are they easy-to-read? If not, it is a good idea to get your product descriptions written by an expert.

Before you get started with writing or improving your existing product description, you will have to do some planning. Here are three primary points to consider before you start writing a product description:

  1. Is writing one of your core strengths?

    This applies not only to entrepreneurs, but also to small and bigger companies. If you do not have qualified professionals who are skilled at copywriting, it is best to outsource product description writing services. Try to be objective and consider whether your or your employees have the required writing capabilities to write selling product description. You can either hire a qualified in-house copywriter or outsource to a content service provider. In case you still wish to write your product descriptions, you can engage the services of a copywriter to review and check your descriptions before it is posted online.

  2. Do you understand your audience?

    Who do you want to sell your products to? You need to understand the answer to this question before you start to tackle your product descriptions. This is important, as it will have impact on how your product descriptions are written. A great tip would be to create “user “personas” who would represent the visitors to your website. These profiles of “ideal customers” can help you understand your audience and write product descriptions accordingly. While some customers would prefer a product description that is easy to scan and to the point, there may be others who would enjoy reading in-depth information about your products. To cater to different preferences, you can write a short introductory description and then provide a link to more in-depth information.

  3. Which eCommerce Platform would you use?

    When it comes to product descriptions, different online stores have different options. The length of the paragraph along with features like colors, sizes and fonts differ from one platform to another. There are eCommerce sites with built-in SEO features, where a meta description from your product description will be automatically created. You could also choose an eCommerce platform when you will have to insert an optimized meta description.

  4. Did you know that product descriptions can be a great online sales tool? A well-written product description can ensure the sales of a product. Skimping on your product descriptions can result in skimpy figures when it comes to sales. Engaging the services of a trained copywriter can make sure that you have quality product descriptions on your store that will inspire your customers to buy. We, at Outsource2india can help you design and execute an effective product strategy. Read about our product description services.

    Did you like reading this post? Do you want to share any tips that you use when writing a product description? Or maybe you have a question about outsourcing? Leave your queries, feedback and comments in the box below and we will be happy to get in touch with you. We, at Outsource2india love hearing from you!

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