3 Primary Challenges of In-House App Development

Are you trying to decide if you should keep mobile app development in-house? If yes, read on to find out about the challenges that come with in-house app development.

Many companies today choose to develop their apps in-house, believing that it is easier, faster, cheaper, more efficient and more controllable. However, in-house app development does come with its own challenges. Is your organization trying to decide between in-house app development and outsourcing mobile app services? If yes, read on to find out more about the three primary challenges of trying to keep your mobile app development in-house.

Challenge # 1: The struggle with skillsets

Did you know that over 94% of organizations don’t have the required mobile development resources to tackle all their development needs? At times, even with 15 developers working on a mobile app, there is still a gap in the skills required for mobile app development.

For instance, iOS and Android require complicated and difficult coding systems. An Android developer cannot just start coding for iOS without sufficient training or study. If you were to create mobile apps for both the platforms, you would definitely need two development skillsets and efforts.

Challenge # 2: Heavy expenses and lack of time

If your enterprise were to set-up a bare-bones internal mobile app development team, you would need one to two developers, a mobile designer, a quality assurance engineer and a project manager. You may also need to hire one or more persons to form the team. It could take weeks to get the HR process in place and find the right person. You would need an average of 3 to 6 months to get the team fully on board.

You must also keep in mind that recruitment and hiring don’t just take time, they also take money. Just think about the cost of posting job listings, hiring recruiters, carrying out background checks, offering relocation expenses etc. The other costs that you would incur would be the developer’s six figure salary and the burdening cost of licensing fees, software certificates and technology amongst others.

Challenge # 3: Developing mobile apps in-house can be risky

If you decide to keep all of your mobile app development in-house, how can you be sure the skills of your team are top-notch? Will you be able to differentiate between a mobile expert and a decent coder? You most probably won’t be able to tell. Scalability is another issue that you have to tackle with an in-house team. If your project scope expands, you will not be able to simply plug in an extra coder. Without access to the right mobile app expertise, you may struggle to identify the root cause if any problems that may arise. This could leave your mobile app development project stalled out, without a plan to move forward.

Why Outsource Mobile App Development?

Outsourcing to a provider that specializes in mobile app development is a strategic decision and can enable your enterprise to save on time, hassles and revenue, while giving you access to the best mobile app skills in the market. Here are some advantages that you can leverage through outsourcing.

  • Less lag time as an external team can commence work immediately
  • Better synergy as the external team will have a good working relationship with each other and will have access to the latest technologies
  • Access to plug-and-play features and modules. Since the outsourcing provider will already have access to these products, you will not have to build every feature from scratch. You can simply customize a proven solution, thereby saving on time and money, while ensuring high performance
  • You will have more options. You can decide if you want to outsource all or a part of your app development. Staff augmentation can be used to fill in the gaps to your in-house development
  • Tap into greater experience and expertise. An outsourced team can share their best practices and ensure that your app is on par with your target audience and vision

If your business is under intense pressure to maintain a competitive presence in the mobile app space, why not outsource mobile app development and reap the benefits that only come with outsourcing. Find out more about mobile app development services.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced with in-house app development? Let us know in the comments below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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