It’s Time to Move From Raster to Vector Images

Wondering why you need to do away with your raster images and move towards vector images? Read on to find out more about raster to vector conversion.

If you are from the manufacturing or mechanical engineering industry, you will be in constant need of complex, yet accurate drawings. Though raster images were popular in the past, they are resolution dependent and do not yield very accurate results. If you have been still using raster images, it is time to move towards vector images, as a vector image can yield more accurate drawings and images.

With raster to vector conversion, you can quickly and effortlessly convert uneditable paper drawings into accurate vector files that can be edited in the CAD software of your choice. The converted files can be saved in any vector format (WMF, EMF, EPS DXF, or AI). Once your file is converted into vector, it can be effortlessly read by any CAD program like AutoCAD, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Microstation, VectorWorks, TrueCAD or FastCAD. In fact, raster to vector conversion is a direct replacement for traditional tracing and digitizing which could be less accurate and more time consuming.

Why use vector images in CAD programs?

CAD programs can import and display raster files, but you will only be able to look at the file or trace it. You will be unable change or edit it. This happens because CAD programs can only work with vector files. If you wish to edit a raster file in your CAD program, you will first need to convert it into a vector file through raster to vector conversion. Once the file is converted into a vector file, you will be able to import it into a CAD program and edit it easily like any other drawing you have created in your CAD program.

How is a file converted from raster to vector?

  • A paper drawing is scanned by using a scanner and a raster file is created
  • The file is converted from raster to vector through raster to vector conversion
  • The vector file is imported into the CAD program
  • You can easily edit your vector drawing in your CAD program

Who requires raster to vector conversion?

  • CAD professionals who need to need to quickly scan, convert and edit drawings in popular CAD programs
  • Mechanical, electrical and architectural engineers who require their drawings done by hand to be edited in CAD software
  • Professionals who need to convert small faxed drawings into vector drawings
  • Technical professional who have several drawings in the bitmap format and need to convert this data into an editable vector format
  • Photo editing professionals who need to convert photos/artwork into vector files for easy engraving or cutting

Have you tried raster to vector conversion?

Using raster to vector conversion services is a quick and easy way to edit a drawing, rather than redrawing the entire concept from scratch. You will be able to save the countless hours spent on tracing, redrawing and digitizing. Why not try raster to vector conversion for your paper drawings right away? Find out more about our low-cost, precise and super fast raster to vector conversion services.

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