Top 3 Advantages of Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Did you know that desktop publishing can help you increase productivity, minimize production cost and enhance the appearance of your documents? Read more to find out about the advantages of outsourcing DTP. 

If you thought that word processing is enough, then you will need to think again. Without Desktop Publishing, your business will lose out to competitors who can impress customers with better-looking documents and thereby generate more sales. If you are not convinced if DTP services are for your business, then read on to find out the advantages of desktop publishing.

With desktop publishing, you can increase productivity, minimize production cost, enhance the appearance of your documents, improve the level of creativity, reduce the time taken for printing and produce customized documents. The best part about DTP is that you can create professional-looking documents, without the need for graphic design.

Advantage # 1: Enhanced appearance with page layouts

A page layout refers to the process of arranging or re-arranging text/graphics on a page. A customer should read your content and then take the next step of buying your products/services. With the help of DTP, you can improve the page layout and create an effective design by balancing the contrast, space and colors that would grab the attention of your customers. An enhanced appearance with an attractive page layout on your sales brochure, booklet or flyer is sure to bring about an increase in sales.

Advantage # 2: Easy customization for any type of document

DTP can revolutionize the way in which your customers, suppliers, investors and employees think about your company. Trough desktop publishing, you can improve and customize any type of document that you want to target towards a specific audience. Whether it is a press release, menu, graph, statement, proposal, newsletter, flyer, catalog, schedule or name tags, you can effectively use desktop publishing to customize any document for your business.

Advantage # 3: Reduced production costs

Advanced desktop publishing usually requires investments on specialized publishing software like QuarkXpress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign or Illustrator. However, when you outsource DTP, you will not have to make any investment on DTP equipment (Computers and printers) or the software and regular upgrades. This will minimize your production cost, while giving you access to top-notch quality desktop publishing services.

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      2-Aditional of graphics.
      3-word Art frames.
      4-Wrapping text around a picture.
      5-Linking of framers of text.
      6-Easy to make change

  1. Some advantages of desktop publishing are:

    1. Increased productivity.
    2. Reduced production costs.
    3. Improved appearance of documents.
    4. Enhanced creativity with an element of fun.
    5. Ability to produce customized documents.
    6. Reduced time to print.

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