Top 5 Benefits of Using Medical Transcription Services

Now, transform your unstructured notes into tidy medical reports with medical transcription. Find out more benefits that only come with outsourcing.

In the past, hospitals and medical offices had to rely on hard-copy charts, which would contain a patient’s history notes and treatment. Often illegible writing would be incorrectly deciphered by office staff, nurses or insurance companies. This led to costly and dangerous mistakes. Today, with the convenience of medical transcription and electronic filing, doctors/hospitals can use correct medical documentation and prevent errors.

If your private practice has still not considered medical transcription, here are a few ways how medical transcription can make medical documentation a lot easier:

  1. Make charting easy

    Dictating medical notes has become easier with smartphone apps, handheld digital recorders and toll-free phone dictation. Saving time and money on administrative paperwork is a huge plus. A physician can simply dictate notes into a device and be ready to see the next patient in a matter of seconds. The oral notes will be will be typed out and proof read for errors. The physician would get back the notes within 24 hours and can file them with ease. With medical transcription, there is no need to search for lost files or try to decipher hand-types notes. These are indeed a boon for busy physicians.

  2. Increase in accuracy

    Your transcription service provider will offer you with several intense levels of quality control to make sure that there is no occurrence of incorrect medical terms, typos or misspelled words. In fact, you can avail the services of a trained transcriptionist for even a specific medical speciality like neurology, cardiology or dermatology. Such transcriptionists can assist you with your individual requirements. With outsourcing, comes the freedom from employing several in-house resources for quality control.

  3. Save on time and effort

    Whether your physicians want to spend more time with patients or get back home in time for dinner, outsourcing medical transcription can help your hospital with time management issues. Now your resources need not catch up on charting. Instead, you can simply outsource the work.

  4. Enjoy cost savings

    It is more cost-effective to outsource medical transcription services, rather than to employ in-house transcriptionists. For a moment, just think about the costs that you would have to incur in regards to their salaries, payroll, health insurance and unemployment taxes. Outsourcing would cost you half of the amount that you would have to spend on a team of in-house medical transcriptionists.

  5. Quick processing of claims

    As you would already have experienced, insurance companies do not make it easy to process claims. Payments can be denied even if a T is not crossed or an I is not dotted. Outsourcing medical transcription can help you stay clear of such errors. Your chart notes will always be in first-rate order so the processing of your insurance claims can be smooth.

Transcription companies like Outsource2india offer medical transcription services to fit every type of need. With scalable options, medical transcription can be customized for any practice of any size. We even offer one-time medical transcription services. It’s time your hospital transformed your unstructured notes into tidy medical reports. Find out more about the medical transcription services offered at Outsource2india.

Tell us what you think about outsourcing medical transcription? Do you feel it is beneficial? Let us know your views, by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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  1. Great Post! You shared a great source of information. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing information with us.

  2. I thought you made an interesting point when you said that dictating medical notes can be more easily done with medical transcription services. My friend has talked a lot about the doctor she works for. I wonder how different her work experience would be if he made digital recordings of his notes and had someone transcribe from that.

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