Top 5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs a Virtual Assistant

Are you wasting precious hours on small and repetitive tasks like emailing or scheduling? What you need is a virtual assistant to take care of all your not-so-important tasks, while you focus on growing your small business.

If you own a small business, you would have often considered the question of whether or not to recruit additional help. Delegating common administrative tasks is a typical problem that you have to deal with on a daily basis whether you are starting out, trying to expand your small business or simply want to become more efficient and organized. Once you decide you need help, you may be faced with questions like “Should I hire an in-house assistant or try a virtual assistant? Will a virtual assistant be more cost-effective? Will hiring a virtual assistant bring real benefits to my small business?

Here are five important reasons why every small business needs a virtual assistant.

  1. Leverage huge cost savings

    Your time is valuable. For instance, if you are currently making $100 per hour, while using your own time to manage small and repetitive tasks instead of paying someone else $30 dollars to do the same work for you in an hour, you are definitely losing money. Instead of spending valuable time on tasks which can be easily done by someone else, you can spend time on completing important work that will move your business forward. The cost of hiring a virtual assistant (less than $16K) is much more cost-effective than the average $39K for an in-house personal assistant. Once you have offloaded most your time-consuming tasks to your virtual assistant, you will be able to see a marked increase in your productivity and sales.

  2. Free up time for productive tasks

    Are you spending your precious hours on answering to endless emails or scheduling? Did you know that delegating less productive and repetitive tasks can help you save one-fifth of your productive time in a day? This adds up to one full working day in a week. With a virtual assistant managing your repetitive tasks, you would have more time for making sales and for connecting with your customers. Outsourcing virtual assistant services is the best way to free up your time.

  3. Benefit from fewer recruitment hassles

    Hiring the services of a virtual assistant is definitely the easier choice when compared with hiring an in-house assistant. With a virtual assistant, you can avoid the cycle of recruiting, hiring and training. This is not only expensive in terms of time and cost, but can also negatively impact your clients and office culture. Engaging a virtual assistant will set you free from the worries of payroll, office space and equipment. You will also not have to offer any benefits. Only a virtual assistant can give you all the benefits you need, minus the hassles.

  4. Use your assistant on a need per basis

    There are many business which don’t have sufficient work for a full-time assistant. For instance, you may only need additional help during the busy times in a year, but no help during the slower months. Or you may need help only for a specific project. If this is the scenario at your office, you will be definitely losing money by paying someone to work 40 hours per week, when you only need them for some time. With the use of a virtual assistant, you will have the flexibility to customize the number of work hours you need the assistant for. This way, you will only have to pay for what you need.

  5. Avoid burn out and maximize productivity

    Being responsible for all the tasks in your business can leave you feeling drained. Your level of productivity can hit an all-time low when you are constantly bogged down by several small tasks. Is there a way to skip the tedious and time consuming part of business tasks, and just make the important decisions? Having someone else carry out the small and initial steps of a larger tasks enables you to focus on task and save you from fatigue. For example, if you are about to make a trip to a business conference, you could ask the virtual assistant to search and finalize the best hotel and flight options. You could even get it booked. With this time-consuming task out of your hands, you will be free to prepare for your conference. Outsourcing virtual assistant services will not only make your more productive, but will also leave you stress-free.

Do you feel the need for a virtual assistant? Why not try our virtual assistant services? You can be assured of a capable virtual assistant who will carry out all your tasks with ease, leaving you with time to focus on growing your business.

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