Top Five Trends in Call Center Services

Over the years, trends in the call center industry have always been changing. This is because of the constantly changing expectations of customers. Today’s customers are more demanding and they want vendors to be more accountable. For example, telemarketing which was immensely popular in the past is no longer an attractive option, as the customers of today prefer being contacted through an email or via an application on their Smartphone. Call centers have to come with new strategies if they want to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Read on to know more about the top five trends in call center services:

1. Cloud computing

The use of cloud computing in customer services is one of the newest trends in the field. Whether it is telemarketing or customer service, customers want their project to be handled with the latest in technology. With the aid of cloud computing, BPO companies can cut down on server costs, complete work efficiently and enjoy cost benefits. For call center companies, this trend is preferable, as they can provide high quality customer support, at a low cost.

2. Online reports

Whether customers are opting for lead generation or customer support, they want the option of checking the status of their work in real time. Call center service providers are achieving this by using an online reporting structure, where the latest reports are immediately made available to the customer. Online reports also provide customers with a better understanding of their project.

3. Mobile apps, email marketing and social media

Today, a large number of customers use their Smartphones not only to make calls, but also to check emails, make payments, download apps/games etc. If call center companies want to target such customers, they have to invest in popular social media, email marketing and dedicated mobile apps.

4. Data security

Companies offering call center services have to stress on security, if they want to win the customer of today. This is because data is becoming more classified with every day. Therefore call center companies should ensure that critical data is only made available to the concerned people. On the other hand, access to classified information should not be provided to people who are only partly concerned with a project.

5. Exceptional customer services

The expectations of today’s customers have risen exponentially and if call center companies have to meet them, they have to provide services that match such expectations. Customers want only the best when it comes to customer support and want to feel completely satisfied with the quality of support.

To meet the above trends, call center companies will have to make adjustments to the change in customer demands and exploit technology to the maximum. If call center companies are able to keep up with these trends, services will become faster and costs can be successfully reduced too.

Which of the above trend do you want to see implemented among Indian call centers? Which call center trend is your company looking forward to? Let us know, by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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  1. I agree telemarketing is not a trend now , but its not dead. Call center people are also inventing ways to make it effective, like tele call followed by a message sending link of there website or respective offers.

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