Transform your Business with Data Conversion

Does your company have a large pile of important data tucked away in paper files or reports? If your data is not converted into an easily accessible electronic format, you may encounter data loss. Moreover, data that is stored only on paper is very difficult to use or edit. You would also not have quick access to your data, while making business critical decisions. The solution to such problems is Data Conversion.

Once all of your data is converted from paper into the electronic format of your choice, you will find that your company can function more effectively, access data as and when required and easily manage a heavy flow of data on a daily basis. However, if data conversion is not one of your core skills, then it is best outsourced to a professional data conversion company in India, who can provide you with fast and error-free conversion services.

The different types of data conversion

Experienced data conversion service providers like Outsource2india, offer global companies with a host of data conversion services such as:

  • Book conversion
  • Document conversion
  • XML conversion
  • File conversion
  • HTML conversion
  • PDF conversion
  • Word conversion

Data conversion can change the way you use your data

By getting your hard copy documents converted into electronic formats, you can bring a remarkable change to the way your business functions. Here’s how data conversion can help your business:

  • Convert paper files into soft copies that can be easily added to your intranet, website or database
  • Convert data stored in old audio tapes into CDs and DVDs that can easily shared and used
  • Convert data stored in old films into digital media files
  • Convert paper reports into Excel files
  • Convert paper documents into MS word files
  • Convert images into xHTML files

Retrieving and converting data from warranty forms, contests, coupons, order forms, information request forms, credit card applications or refund requests can provide you with important information about your customers. This way, you can improve your relationship with your customers. Converting data from your invoices, checks, vouchers, tax returns, insurance forms, remittance forms and invoices can help you gain a better insight about your supply chain and employees.

 Why opt for outsourcing over in-house data conversion?

If data conversion is not one of your core strengths, then it is best outsourced to India. By outsourcing data conversion, you need not shift your focus away from your core business activities. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing data conversion to India:

  • Get access to accurate data conversion services at a low cost
  • Convert large volumes of data within a fast turnaround time
  • Save on overhead, infrastructure and maintenance costs
  • With stringent quality assurance processes, you can be sure of 99.9% error-free data
  • Save on time and effort, which can be spent on core business activities

Make the most of your data by outsourcing data conversion today.

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