Transform your business with organized Data Entry Services

Is your business losing its competitive edge because of cluttered data? Do you have data in different formats such as handwritten documents, printed sheets, CDs and PDF files that need to be organized into categories? Do you want your employees to spend more time on core business activities instead of hunting for data? If your answer is yes to the above questions, then what you require is data entry services from an expert in the field.

By outsourcing data entry services to Indian service providers, you will not only be saving time, effort and cost, but you can also get access to error-free and organized data. Witness a transformation in the way your company functions with organized data entry services.

Professional data entry services can change the way your business functions.

Here are three reasons why your organization must consider outsourcing data entry services to a provider like Outsource2india:
1. By outsourcing a non-core activity such as data entry, you and your employees can channel your time and effort into developing your core business activities
2. With your data handled by professionals, you will always have updated, organized and classified data in the specific format that you require. By having access to such data, you can take informed business decisions that can take your company to new heights
3. Instead of hiring and training a team of in-house data entry professionals to manage your data, you can simply outsource data entry to an already trained, qualified and experienced team in India, who will perform data entry for you at a fraction of the cost

Types of data entry services that can be outsourced to India
Outsource2india can enter and organize data from varied sources such as:
• Images
• Questionnaires
• Surveys
• Books
• Online/offline sources
• Handwritten or printed documents
• Invoice forms
• Insurance claims
• Databases
• Yellow pages
• Enrollment forms
• Legal documents
• Text or numeric files
• Telephone directories
• Company reports
• Mailing lists
• Directories
• Manuals or dictionaries
• Catalogs

Apart from data entry services, you can also outsource data conversion, data extraction, copy paste services, indexing or scanning services to cut back on cost and effort.

Give your business the Indian advantage
By choosing to partner with Outsource2india, you can be sure of:
• High-end technology and experienced professionals
• Stringent quality control processes to ensure error-free data
• The use of double monitors to minimize errors
• Over 40% savings in terms of cost
• Data being validated by the computer and then again manually rechecked
• Varied turnaround time such as 3, 6,12,24 or 48 hours

Make a decision to outsource to India. Get in touch with us today for data entry services.

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