9 Unique Ways to Use Telemarketing

Telemarketing can help you expand your mid or large size business by developing your customer base with impressive results and reduced costs. Read about the 9 unique ways to use telemarketing for your company.

Contrary to popular belief, telemarketing is not only limited to cold calling sales activities. The truth is that telemarketing can be used to turn several opportunities into business. Here are nine unique ways in which telemarketing can be used.

  1. Appointment setting

    As you know, the most effective way to close a sales deal is to sit down with a prospective customer in a face-to-face meeting. Telemarketers can be used to set appointments in a cost-effective manner. This can bring in new business for your company.

  2. Market research

    Surprisingly, telemarketing can also be used in market research to obtain customer feedback and product reviews. Even qualitative and quantitative data collection can be achieved with telemarketing. This method is not only cost-effective, but can also cover large geographical locations with ease. The data that you get from telemarketing can be effectively used to target prospects.

  3. Seminar booking

    If your company delivers seminars on a regular basis, them what you need is telemarketing. A telemarketing team can book your seminars and spread the good news to people who would be interested to attend it. The telemarketing team can make calls from existing mailing list or start afresh by cold calling professionals with industry links to the topic/seminar.

  4. Collections

    Missed payments and outstanding invoices can hinder your enterprise’s development and progress. If your business is struggling with outstanding sums, what you need is telemarketing. A team of telemarketers can identify companies that owe you money and make sure that the contact details are accurate.

  5. Follow-up calls

    Telemarketers can be effectively used to make Follow Up calls after sales enquiries. Interested customers can be spoken to and converted into prospective customers who may have been indecisive about buying your products. Follow up calls made by telemarketers are not only powerful, but also an effective way to make the best out of your email and direct mail marketing.

  6. Sell to existing customers

    Telemarketing can successfully improve your sales by directly selling to those customers who are already using your services/products. Existing customers can be very easily converted into buyers, as they need not be convinced about your company’s reputation, benefits or expertise. Telemarketing can also be used to offer extended services, further features, upgrades or even a completely new service/product

  7. Database cleansing

    Information stored in a database can quickly become obsolete. However, with telemarketers working on your data, you can easily make corrections, deletions or amendments on the details of your current customers, prospects or leads. With accurate data at hand, you sales team can make better sales. Telemarketing can help you make the most of your data, by removing useless information.

  8. Would you like to tap into the benefits that telemarketing can bring to your business? Or maybe you have some telemarketing questions in mind that need answers; if so, please post your questions and queries in the comments box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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