Use Your Data More Effectively with Copy Paste Services

As you already know, data places a critical role in the success of any business, be it small or large. If you have valuable data (phone numbers, addresses or email ids) stored on documents or reports, then you cannot access it or use it when needed.  The solution to such problems is copy paste services.

Copy pasting refers to the process of converting data from one format into another. Copy pasting is also a great way to easily create a database and effectively use your data.  For example, if you have information stored away in a Word document, you can use copy paste services to get the same information into Excel, PageMaker or PowerPoint.

Copy pasting may sound easy, but in reality it takes time and effort.  It is also a repetitive and monotonous task.  Since copy pasting data is time consuming and tedious, it can leave your staff with no time for core business activities. This is where outsourcing to India comes in.  As opposed to doing copy pasting work in-house, you can outsource to an Indian data entry service provider, who can offer you with fast, accurate and affordable copy paste services.

Outsourcing copy paste services to India can give you access to trained data entry professionals who can competently copy and paste data with zero errors and within a short timeframe. With copy pasting out your hands, you and your staff can channel all your time and effort into building up your business.

Copy paste services can be used for any type of content

Copy paste services are not limited to only storing phone numbers or email addresses. In fact, you can avail copy paste services for any type of content, such as:

  • Web content and website links
  • Reference and research material
  • Informational content
  • Promotional dossiers
  • Resumes of candidates
  • Contact details ( phone numbers, email addresses and residential addresses)
  • Tender listings

Copy pasting services can also be used to copy and paste content from one format into another, such as:

  • Copy pasting from Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Word and vice versa
  • Copy pasting from PDF to Excel or Word

Double entry system ensures 99.9% accuracy

Data entry service providers like Outsource2india employ the Double Entry System for copy pasting, wherein two different data entry agents will enter the same information into the system. Both the copies will be checked to identify discrepancies, if any. The errors will then be corrected. Such a process ensures maximum accuracy.

5 benefits of outsourcing copy paste services

  • Get a good return on investment (ROI) at a competitive price
  • Avail the expert services of trained and qualified data entry professionals
  • Benefit from accurately copy pasted content with zero errors
  • Get quick access to your data with fast copy paste services delivered within 3, 6 or 12 hours
  • Save on cost, time and effort which can be invested on core business ventures

When outsourcing to India, you need not have any worries about security. Service providers like Outsource2india follow stringent security measures at all levels to ensure that a customer’s data is always kept secure and confidential.

Streamline your data today with cost-effective and accurate copy paste services from India.

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