Want to Make a Mark in the International Market? Invest in Website Translation

If your website is only in English, then you are definitely losing out on a large number of native-speaking customers. Recent research reports have revealed that websites which have localized their content into foreign languages have a larger number of visitors and online orders, when compared to sites that have their content only in English.  When you have your website translated into Spanish, Russian or German, you can reach out to more customers, grow your brand, out beat competitors and see a drastic improvement in sales.

So, now that you know the importance of website translation, what is the next step? Should you opt for verbatim translation from a free translation website, the services of unprofessional freelancers or the reliable translation services of a reputed translation company? The choice is yours, but if you choose a trustworthy translation company, with years of experience in translating the content of varied websites, you can be sure of 100% accurate translation.

6 advantages of a translation company over individual translators

  1.  With several experienced translators translating your website content, you can have a foreign language website up and running in no time at all
  2. You can get your website simultaneously translated in any number of languages, be it, Spanish, Swedish, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Polish or Italian
  3. As opposed to verbatim translation, a translation company like Outsource2india will take into account every minute detail, be it, local influences, cultural aspects or slangs
  4. A freelance translator may not have the competency to work with different web formats. But a professional translation company can deliver the translated content in any type of format (CSS, HTMAL, FLASH, XML, XHTML, ASP or JAVA)
  5. To double check the accuracy of the translated content, Indian translation companies like Outsource2india employ the services of experienced Proofreaders to thoroughly check the content for errors
  6. If you entrust the translation of your website to freelancers, you may suffer from poor progress. You would also not know if your translation is getting completed. On the other hand, a translation company will provide you with regular updates on the progress of your translation

What are the steps involved in website translation?

A professional translation company like Outsource2india follows the following steps during the translation of a website:

  1. Identification and definition of structural requirements: The content of your website will be analyzed in detail. The major components that require translation will be identified and defined. Images, icons and links will also be identified for translation.
  2. Internalization of the website: A user-friendly option to view your website in different languages will be created to help your native customers to easily choose the language of their choice. With the internalization of your website, you can be sure that your valuable visitors are viewing the right content when they opt for a language other than English.
  3. Translation of the content: The content will be accurately translated into the language of your choice. Your site’s XML/HTML files will also be converted into the specified foreign language.
  4. Translation of the database: After the translation of the actual content, the database will also be translated into the specified language.
  5. Reviewing/ proofreading of the content: Experienced proofreaders will review the content to check for inaccuracies in the translation of date formats, currencies or geographical/cultural variances.

With a process as thorough as the above, you can be absolutely sure of the accuracy of the translation.

Now that you know the advantages of getting your website’s content translated into foreign languages, why not go ahead and get your site translated right away.

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