Wave Goodbye to your Peak Tax Session Worries by Outsourcing Tax Preparation

Is stressful tax preparation taking its toll on your accounting company, corporate tax department or CPA firm? If yes, why not outsource tax return preparation to India and get exclusive tax return preparation and consulting for your State as well as Federal Tax.

India is fast becoming a hot outsourcing destination for tax preparation because of the innumerable benefits that the country offers. Quick turnaround time (as low as 8 hours), specialized tax services for individuals/companies, experienced accountants and affordable costs are some of the primary advantages of getting your tax prepared in India. Professional Indian accounting companies, like Outsource2india even have the capability to prepare over 1000 tax returns per month.

Top 6 advantages of getting your tax prepared in India

  1. Reduce your operational expenditure and overhead costs
  2. Improve your flexibility and enhance your efficiency level
  3. Meet your tax obligations on time, every time
  4. Effortlessly handle the increased workload during peak tax sessions
  5. Never face delays or inaccuracies in your data
  6. Gain a competitive edge over other CPA/accounting firms

Get specialized tax return services only in India

Only in India, can you get access to expert tax preparation services designed for individuals, partnerships, corporations, fiduciaries and non profit organizations:

  • Indidividuals: 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ
  • Partnerships: 1065
  • Corporations: 1120, 1120S
  • Fiduciaries: 1041
  • Non profit estate & gift tax: 990,706

Indian accounting companies use the latest tax preparation software

When you outsource your tax returns to India, you can be sure of accuracy, quality and attention to detail, as Indian accountants have expertise in using the latest tax preparation software like Tax cut, Lacerate, Tax works, Turbo Tax, Pro Series, Taxwise, ATX, Drake, Taxcalc, PTP tax software, Digita, Sage Tax, DT Max, MYOB AO Tax and Handitax amongst others.

Outsourcing tax returns to India is simple and easy

Outsourcing tax preparation is relatively simple. Here is how you can get started:

  1. Send your scanned documents with the required data in the format of your choice ( PDF, MDI or eFAX) to your tax preparation service provider in India
  2. Trained and experienced tax professionals in India will enter your data into the tax software of your choice
  3. After the data has been entered, your tax returns will be verified to check that all your information is precisely entered and accounted for
  4. The tax returns will then be transmitted to your firm for a review by using FTP/ASP. You will receive complete tax returns, along with comments/questions that the tax preparer thought necessary
  5. Your firm can review and finalize the tax returns. You can also add or delete any information before you re-send the returns to the service provider
  6. Your tax accountants in India will update your tax files and send you a final copy for filing

Now that you know the advantages of outsourcing tax preparation to India, why not outsource tax preparation right away and free up your time and effort for core business activities?

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