What Are Geospatial Services?

From Topographic mapping to GIS surveying and digital elevation modelling, find out what geospatial services can be outsourced.

Geospatial services were developed to help with life sciences and environmental-related studies. Today, geospatial technology is used across industry verticals and domains. If geospatial services is not your area of expertise, you can outsource it. From geospatial mapping services to geospatial assistance with your civil engineering projects, you can avail expert geospatial data services from India.

Types of Geospatial Services

You can take your pick from a wide array of geospatial services:

  1. Plainmetric mapping – Man-made or natural features are captured to create complete GIS solutions.
  2. Topographic mapping – Extensive topographic maps can be created to show the geospatial disposition of a company’s assets. Consumer data can be indexed and old topographic maps can also be updated.
  3. Photogrammetric services – High-speed imaging and remote sensing measurements are taken to create corridor mapping, orthophoto production and plainmetric features.
  4. Orthophoto production – Whether it is an overpass or bridge, base map layers can be developed for any GIS product. Orthophotos in full-color can also be created with geometrically correct features.
  5. LiDAR mapping – When your project involves geologically unstable areas, you can avail LiDAR to process an effective digital terrain model (DTM).
  6. Geographic information systems – Careful attention is given to every aspect of the GIS design (software and hardware) to make sure that highly accurate GIS base maps and products are created.
  7. GIS surveying – Land surveys can be computerized. Other services include scanning, vectorization, plotting and proofing of old hard copy records.
  8. Digital elevation modelling – Floodplains, earthquakes and landslides can be evaluated through DEM data, which is used to model mass movements and water flow. Terrain slopes and volumes can also be monitored.
  9. Terrain modeling – We develop solid Terrain Models. Surfaces derived from LiDAR and photogrammetric techniques provide a framework for which a “skin” of realistic imagery is applied.

At Outsource2india, we bring in years of expertise and experience in spatial technology applications. Over the years, we have catered to the needs of global markets through focussed, innovative and efficient geospatial services. Our team of experts use the very latest in technology to offer advanced solutions. The team has extensive experience in web mapping, CAD and 2D/3D. We are the most sought-after geospatial service providers in India, owing to our ability to complete huge volumes of data within a very short turnaround time.

As our customer, you can be sure of exceeding your ROI goals and gaining a competitive advantage. Find out more about our geospatial services.

Got questions on geospatial services? Simply leave your queries in the comments box below and we will get back to you. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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