What Are the Advantages of Outsourcing Teleradiology?

Are you still unsure if your hospital should opt for teleradiology? There are many advantages of teleradiology, from cost to faster TAT and 24/7 support. Find out more about the advantages you can leverage when you outsource teleradiology.

Teleradiology has made it possible for MRIs, X-rays and Ultrasounds taken at one location to be quickly transmitted and reviewed at another location by experienced radiologists. Teleradiology can significantly improve your patient care by offering 24 hour services and quick turnaround time.

In countries like the US and UK, the number of radiologist are limited, while the number of scans to be reviewed are constantly on the rise. Outsourcing teleradiology can has been a boon for hospitals and healthcare centers, as they can overcome issues with cost, shortage in staff and avail expert radiology advice. Outsourcing can bridge the gap by engaging the services of experienced radiologists in offshore locations.

There are several advantages that you can leverage by outsourcing teleradiology. These include:

  • 24/7 availability: Having a dedicated service provider who is available to read your radiology reports on a 24/7 basis can relive your resident radiologists from working during the night. Your radiologists can be free from being on-call during the night. This can drastically reduce the scope of error. With outsourcing, the turnaround time is much faster, as you can also avail weekend and holiday support.
  • Improved format of reports: If your hospital is dealing with a specialized practice, it may be difficult to find a radiologist with your preferred sub-specialty. Teleradiology can fill in this gap by giving you access to specialist radiologists without having them on your in-house panel. You can avail invaluable advice on improving your report formats and also get your reports written in a standardized format that is accepted.
  • Fast completion of priority cases: If your clinic/hospital receives plenty of accident or urgent cases, especially during the night, teleradiology can help you ensure a quick completion of priority cases. You can instantly view imaging results through a DICOM viewer and make your diagnosis at a much quicker phase. You can also take a second opinion from a specialist radiologist.
  • Cost competitive: Offshoring teleradiology is an extremely cost-effective option for clinics, private practitioners and hospitals. You can avail 24/7 services at a much lower cost and without having to increase your staff. You can cut down on travel costs, as images can be transferred to any location through teleradiology. The cost of printing images and packing/posting them also is eliminated through teleradiology. Overhead costs can be efficiently eliminated through teleradiology.

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