What Are Topographic Mapping Services?

Leverage smarter route planning, better route planning, better thematic data preparation and even easier disaster management with topographic mapping services.

Topographic maps are graphic representations of features that appear on the earth’s surface. These maps are detailed and accurate. A topographic map can include everything from roads, building, administrative boundaries, state/international borders to rivers, lakes, wooded areas and even orchards. The maps are divided with a geographic graticule and a coordinate grid so that relative and absolute positions can be easily determined. The map is a 2 or 3 dimensional representation of an actual physical environment.

What are topographic maps used for?

Topographic maps are developed for a variety of reasons. Apart from recreational purposes (hiking, travelling etc.), these maps are also used by the different industries and even the government for mining, urban planning, land ownership and even for establishing legal boundaries.

Today topographic maps have become indispensable, especially for telecom and transport service providers. With topographic mapping services, telecom and transport providers can leverage smarter route planning, better route planning, better thematic data preparation and even easier disaster management. 3D topographic maps, the latest addition to the world of topographic maps are one of a kind. They are not only comprehensive, but can also cover hundreds of square kilometers in detail and with precision.

What are the features of a topographic map?

One of the distinctive features of the topographic map is the use of elevation contour lines that are used to show the shape of the earth’s surface. The contours can be used to show the height and shapes of mountains, the steepness of slopes and the depth of oceans. These lines have the same elevation on the surface of the land, referring to the sea level. Some topographic maps may include features like trails, mountain elevations and even survey control points.

What topographic mapping services can be outsourced?

Through outsourcing, you can avail a varied number of topographic services such as:

  1. Topographic mapping
    You can avail multi-dimensional topographic maps to get a better understanding of a specific geographical location. A skilled team of topographic mapping experts can create maps that depict railways, vegetation, roads, or forest areas. The map will include elevations, horizontal locations, and contours of both natural and man-made phenomena.
  2. Topographic surveys
    A skilled team will first carry out extensive research, which takes into account both qualitative and quantitative aspects. Both natural and man-made features will be studied, along with their respective elevations. Topographic mapping and surveys can be done for any terrain on a global basis.
  3. Topographic map updates
    The terrain keeps changing as nature keeps changing and humanity keeps evolving. This is why you need updates for your topographic maps. Through outsourcing, you can always keep your maps up-to-date and thereby maintain your maps with ease. Whether you need maps for hiking, resource planning, camping or even infrastructure development, you can be sure that the map you use is up-to-date.

Outsource topographic mapping to an expert

Outsource2india is one of the world’s leading providers of topographic mapping services. We have served the varied topographic mapping needs of different clients, be it for engineering, environmental management, public works design, natural resource conservation or even energy exploration. Our team of experts develops topographic maps using the latest photogrammetric methods.

The team would first study and interpret aerial photographs, LiDAR data sets and other such important data before starting work on a topographic map. Best-of-breed mapping technology is used to curate the best results from topographic surveys. Our topographic maps can be zoomed in up to 250%, so that you can view each and every aspect of the map with clarity. We are stringent when it comes to quality, accuracy and on-time delivery, so that you can get your map with zero to no error. If you would like to try our services, contact us right now to find out more details about outsourcing Topographic Mapping Services to Outsource2india.

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