What Is 3D Sculpting?

Find out what is similar and different about 3D sculpting and traditional sculpting. Get to know how 3D sculpting is used in popular business fields and why you must consider outsourcing it.

3D sculpting popularly known as digital sculpting refers to the process of sculpting a 3D project on a computer with digitized clay. There are special sculpting software equipped with tools and brushes that make it easy to push, pinch, smooth or pull the clay in order to create detailed sculpts that mimic textures and objects in real life.

Lets find out more about 3D sculpting.

How does 3D sculpting work?

Sculptors can create 3D models from scratch or from a base model. Complicated calculations are used to develop detailed polygon meshes that mimic real clay. Generally a sculptor would begin the sculptor with wide and broad manipulations, similar to a traditional sculptor and then move on to more details by increasing the count of polygons. The time taken on a specific project can be anywhere between hundreds of hours to a 30 minutes and would vary depending upon the skill of the artist and the complexity of the project.

Just like sculpting with real clay, digital sculpting is a multi-layer process. Sculptors can start with a simple sphere or a basic model completed in a 3D modeling application. The process starts by manipulating the geometry of the sculptor. Tools are used to pull, twist and push the geometry. The first layer will be used to define basic features like the curve of a tricep or the shape of a head. This is known as blocking. Once satisfied with the basic shape and silhouette, the geometry will be subdivided to include more detail. By continuing with the subdivision layers, digital sculptors will add more and more details over time. During this step, pimples, freckles or scars can be added to make the 3D sculpt look more realistic. On the last subdivision, minor details like pores can also be added.

Just like how a traditional sculptor would use a scrap of cotton or a dried leaf to create a texture, a digital sculptor would customize the texture of the brush to suit their needs. Such fine textures are used to develop realistic and detailed surfaces that would add realism to the final sculpt.

Where is digital sculpting used?

Digital sculpts are widely used in TV shows and films that heavily rely on 3D animation or visual effects. At times, 3D sculpting is used to rework concept drawings into sculpts. This would give the director a sense of the character and enable him/her to make adequate changes. Once the concept is finalized, the sculptor would start to add in details and render a realistic result. 3D sculpting plays a key role in making digitized creatures look real. Gaming is another area where 3D sculpting is used. The sculpts are designed using a texture map, so that they have a low polygon count while including as much details as possible.

Popular 3D sculpting software

ZBrush, Mudbox, Sculptris are some of the most popular and widely used sculpting software that offer artists with a wide array of brushes and toolsets that enable artists to get creative and add details that would be impossible with 3D modeling alone.

Outsourcing 3D sculpting

If 3D sculpting is not one of your core areas of expertise, why not consider outsourcing it? At Outsource2india, we offer best-in class 3D sculpting services. Whether you require 3D sculpts for a product demonstration, anatomy study or prototype design, we can customize our services to meet your exact needs. Our team of creative, talented and experienced 3D digital sculptors has successfully created 3D sculptors for video games, healthcare, product design and marketing. We can help you create a winning 3D sculptor today. Find out more about outsourcing 3D sculpting services.

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