What is a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

A customer satisfaction survey can provide a strong indicator of the purchase intentions and loyalty of consumers. Read this post to find out why customer satisfaction surveys are important.

How do you identify unhappy customers, find potential advocates or measure satisfaction? It is possible to find out all of the above through a customer satisfaction survey. A customer satisfaction survey can help you spot the overall level of satisfaction and assist you with finding your happiest and unhappiest customers. The feedback that you collect from the survey will give you the opportunity to follow up with your happy customers and turn them into advocates. It will also give you a chance to fix the problems and retain the business of your unhappy customers.

Why use a customer satisfaction survey?

Customer satisfaction ratings can help your employees focus on fulfilling/exceeding the expectations of customers. If there is a dip in the customer satisfaction ratings, you can be warned of potential problems that can have an effect on your revenue.

The metrics involved in customer satisfaction surveys can enable you to understand how happy or unhappy your customers are. Recent research has shown that over 96% of unhappy customers do not complain, but 91% of them will leave and never return. This information is an eye-opener and shows why important it is to use and understand customer satisfaction surveys.

How can customer surveys help your company?

The purpose of the survey is to find out how satisfied your customers are. Happy customers are extremely valuable to your enterprise. Happy customers will come for repeat purchases, have a higher customer lifetime value and are less likely to buy from competitors.

On the other hand, unhappy customers are a nightmare. They will most likely not continue to buy from you. The worst part is that they can tell lots of people about their bad buying experience. Research has shown that a dissatisfied customer will tell anywhere between nine to fifteen people about their experience.

Why are customer satisfaction surveys important?

Measuring customer satisfaction surveys are a critical to the growth of your organization. Customer satisfaction surveys can help you manage and monitor your business. Surveys are a key element of business strategy can help you compete for customers. Poor quality customer services can be identified and rectified as quality is one of the main reasons for customer churn.

How to create the perfect customer satisfaction survey?

To make your customer satisfaction survey effective, you will have to include five to ten questions that relate to the customer satisfaction, service delivery and overall satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction surveys use rating scales. Asking customers to answer questions on a rating scale of one to ten is a great way to track satisfaction over time. This will help you measure changes in satisfaction and find out if the initiatives you have implemented have had a positive/negative on your consumers.

Make sure that your customer satisfaction survey is personalized and branded, so that customers know what they are filling out. To increase the survey response rate, make your survey accessible across the web, mobile and tablet devices. This way, you can get more customer feedback.

The final goal of a customer satisfaction survey is obtain actionable customer feedback that you can use to improve the overall consumer experience and provide you customers with an amazing customer experience. To create the perfect customer satisfaction survey, remember to ask the right questions, add a personal touch and company branding, include additional comments and track the survey.

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