What Is Data Appending And Why Your Business Needs It?

Most businesses rely heavily on email marketing, because of its easy access and affordability. However, if you want to make email marketing a success, your business would need data appending services.

If your data has inaccurate and incomplete information, it can greatly damage the chances of successful customer and sales interactions. This is why your business needs data appending services. The process of filling in void data with updated and accurate data is known as data appending. With data appending, the gaps in your database can be filled, while helping you get rid of inaccurate and incomplete information.

Data appending services can help you maintain an intact database, make profitable deals and design successful marketing campaigns. Investing in effective data appending services can help you take care of data issues that may arise from time to time. Regular data appending of your customer data list can make a big difference in your next email marketing campaign, as some of your customers may be missing a phone number or be listed with an outdated email address.

What are the benefits of data appending?

A comprehensive data appending service usually includes a data normalization process, standardization of data, appending missing data, removing redundant data and setting up of data automation. Here is why your business should consider investing in data appending services.

  • Cleaner data
    Apart from verifying and completing your information, data appending can help you correct typos, update information (zip codes, place names or addresses) and check up on email/postal address errors. Data appending services can strengthen the validity of your mailing list.
  • Reduced time and effort
    Wrong phone numbers, bounced email addresses, returned mail can result in waste for your business, mainly in terms of time. In business, time is equivalent to money. Hence the more time you spend dealing with incorrect information, the lesser time you will have to focus on other activities of your business. With an updated mailing list that contains only the right information, your team of resourced can put their time to good use, without having to correct/update errors in the mailing list.
  • Access to more information
    The biggest benefit of data appending is access to information. With data appending services, your business can find information like gender, job roles, titles, birthdays, incomes and credit scores. Your business can find social media handles for Twitter, LinkedIn and Twitter. With access to more information, you will be able to send more effective marketing campaigns to your customers.
  • Better segmentation
    With access to more information, your business can customize its services through segmentation. Instead of only having access to name and age, data appending services can give you access to other critical information like income, which will help you in your marketing efforts. For instance, if you have a product for women in their mid-30s who make X amount of income per month, you will be able to find them through data appending.
  • Minimize cost
    Data appending services can help your business keep the cost down. With verified lists, you can save on the cost of research, recruiting staff, error correction and much more.

What is the process of data appending?

The data that has to be appended is identified and then converted into a CSV format, which is sent to the service provider, via FTP. The files will be put under an intensive formatting process, wherein the client file will be matched with the database of business records. Each name will then be successfully matched to an email address and the data will be appended. When the matching process is complete, the appended files will be transmitted to the verification team for further validation. Every single email address will be verified and validated. An opt-out message will be added to the appended email address, which would represent the client’s wish to communicate via email. This option will give your customers the chance to opt-out of mailing database, if they are not interested. This step upholds the credibility of the brand. Once the appending process is complete, the file can be downloaded via FTP.

Outsource data appending services

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Did you like reading this post? Do you think data appending can help your business’s marketing efforts? Do you have more questions about data appending? Let us know your queries and concerns by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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