What Is HR Outsourcing?

Find out what HR functions can be outsourced and the benefits that HR outsourcing can offer your enterprise.

Whatever be your business’s human resource requirements, there is a HR outsourcing firm that can meet your needs. While some HR outsourcing firms are generalists and offer a wide array of services, there are others who are specialist and focus on specific HR areas, like recruiting or payroll. Based on the size of your business and how much control you want to exercise over your HR functions, you can choose to outsource all your HR functions or only a chosen few.

Some of the basic services offered by HR outsourcing firms, include:

  • Overseeing of the organizational structure and taking care of staffing requirements
  • Recruitment, training and continuous development
  • Tracking of goals, strategies and department objectives
  • Providing trainings for employees and managers
  • Benefits administration
  • Conducting employee orientation programs

Even small businesses with 25 employees or large mid-size enterprises with over 1,500 employees can benefit from outsourcing. HR outsourcing is a strategic tool that can relieve your enterprise of HR responsibilities and enable you to focus on what you do best. Apart from helping you focus on your core business functions, HR outsourcing can also help your improve employee relations, reduce operating cost and provide you with skilled professionals who have expertise in HR.

If you are keen on outsourcing all your HR functions, you can choose a service provider who offers PEO (Professional employer organization) services. Here the outsourcing services provider would handle everything from employee relations to payroll, workers’ compensation and benefits amongst others.

An HR outsourcing service provider can also help you with specific services such as:

  • Implementing a human resource information system
  • Creation of policy manuals and employee handbooks
  • Development and implementation of a compensation program
  • Creation of a performance appraisal system
  • Writing of affirmative action plans
  • Providing training

Whether you wish to outsource all your HR functions, a portion of it or a specific project, you have a lot of options. Find out more about outsourcing HR services.

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