What Is Transcription And Why Your Business Needs It?

At your workplace, there may be several occasions when you may be using an audio recording to capture what is being spoken during a board meeting, discussion, interview or brainstorming session. Such audio recordings can make sure that your records stay up-to-date, but they will be of very little use if they remain in the audio format. Converting your audio recordings into text, through transcription can help you document your information for making easy references and for future utilization.

Rather than get your personal secretary or other staff members to transcribe for your firm, you can outsource transcription services to a service provider who has skilled transcribers and access to the latest transcription software and technology. Moreover, you can also avail transcription services in specific areas like business transcription, meeting transcription, conference transcription and even interview transcription.

Benefits of outsourcing business transcription

Outsourcing transcription to a third party service provider definitely has more benefits than trying to carry out in-house:

  1. Only pay for the transcription services that you need, instead of hiring permanent transcription staff on your payroll
  2. Free up your staff to develop other skills and focus on building up your core business instead of spending time on transcription
  3. Avail transcription services at a fraction of the cost than what you would have to pay for a full-time transcriptionist
  4. Transcription, contrary to popular belief is not an easy task and does require training, a keen ear and attention to detail. This is why hiring an expert is important, as you can be sure of 100% accurate transcripts

Specialized transcription services that your business can use

By outsourcing business transcription, you can leverage specialized transcription services as per your business requirements. From webcasts to analyst calls, conferences, teleconferences and product launches, you can get accurate transcripts at an affordable cost.

Outsourcing transcription is simple, quick and easy

Sending your audio for transcription is extremely easy. The process usually starts with the company uploading the audio recording to the service provider via a secure VPN connection. The audio files are then assigned to an appropriate transcriber to complete within a fixed time frame (6, 12 or 24 hours). The typed content is then delivered to the company in the format of their choice. In case, you have audio files stored in VHS videos or mini cassettes, you can courier it to the transcription service provider.

Give your business an advantage by outsourcing

Outsourcing audio transcription to India can provide great benefits for you and your business. Freeing up your employees for other business-critical tasks and minimizing your operational costs are persuasive reasons for your firm to choose an outsourced transcription service. With the security options that are available today, you can securely share even sensitive documents with confidence. So, would you outsource transcription?

Do you want to know more about how outsourcing works or the benefits that come with outsourcing? Just leave a comment in the box below and we will be happy to answer you.

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  1. Reading this article has helped me to understand what transcription services really are. It was interesting to learn that these services can help you take care of documents that may be sensitive to some. I hope this article can help us to know what to do if we ever have to move offices in the future.

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