What to Consider when Outsourcing Mobile Application Development

In today’s highly competitive mobile application market, outsourcing mobile app development is the only way for companies to stay ahead of the crowd within their budget. Outsourcing mobile application development to a service provider in India can help you tap into the expertise of professionals who are highly experienced. With a gifted team of mobile app developers working on your Android, Symbian or iPhone apps, you can be sure of meeting your business goals with high-quality mobile apps that fit into your time and budget constraints.

Here are a few pointers that can point you in the right direction, when looking for an Android or iPhone mobile application developer from India.

Does the app require a high level of expertise?

Consider the level of expertise that you will need for your specific application. You might also want to think about the number of smart phone platforms you want to see your mobile app run on.

How complex is your mobile app?

Depending on the complexity of your mobile app, you will require different developers. If your app is simple, you can use the services of an individual mobile app developer or partner with a small freelancing firm. However, if your app is complicated, it is best to hire a team of mobile developers who can get the app to run on various phone platforms and also integrate web services and apps.

Do you want your app to run on many smart phone platforms?

If your app is aimed at a target audience that uses numerous smartphones ( Not only a Blackberry or iPhone), you may want to get the services of experienced mobile app developers who can successfully get your app to function on more than one smart phone platform. A skilled mobile app developer can code a single app to run on multiple smart phones (Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Windows phone etc. With your app getting developed only once, you can cut down on time and money, while ensuring a seamless experience for your users.

Hold an interview with the mobile app team

Once you have narrowed down on a few prospective mobile app service providers, you can arrange for an interview and ask these questions:

  • Which are the smart phone platforms that you are most experienced with?
  • How are your mobile developers best suited to address the requirements of my customers?
  • What are the benefits of outsourcing mobile app development to your company?

What are some of the other specifications that you would look for while choosing an offshore mobile app team?


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