Which Software Model Would You Choose?

When you outsource software development to India, you have the option of choosing from different service models. Whether you wish to outsource testing, software development or the maintenance of a software product, you can choose from three approaches: project-based outsourcing, staff augmentation or dedicated teams. An important thing to remember is that there is no “best” or “perfect” model. Based on your unique business requirements, you can choose a model that will ensure the successful completion of your outsourced project.

1. Staff Augmentation Service Model

Staff augmentation is undoubtedly the simplest service model, when it comes to outsourcing software development. It refers to the task of hiring an outsourcing service provider who will provide you with a ready-made development team and the place for them to carry out their work. However, you will still have to define and control the process from your end. You will also need to pay attention to decision-making, motivation and team building. The service provider on the other hand will ensure that the software developers work for you and are paid on time.

Is this service model for you? The staff augmentation model will be the best bet for you, if you want to maintain fine-grained control over the project and if you are on the lookout for cheap and efficient talent from an offshore location.

2. Dedicated Team Service Model

In this model, your service provider will also handle low-level task management, people management and process quality, apart from building the team. The service provider will also work out an ideal process to be followed by team and will look into the micro-management of the project. Since the service provider will be monitoring the project, you need not worry about delays, as if the developer is sick or behind schedule, appropriate arrangements will be made to get the project back on track. If you opt for this model, you can always be sure of a software team who can provide you with complete services without any setbacks.

Is this service model for you? If you know that the requirements of your projects will be frequently altered of if you have a long roadmap ahead, then this model is for you. With this model, you can avail a continuous service like software maintenance without the trouble of handling the employees or checking on how the implementation is taking place.

3. Project-Based Service Model

If your project has well-defined requirements, if you are looking for a short development time of if you do not want to be responsible for project risks, then go for the project-based service model. The project-based model differs from the earlier two. In this approach, the focus is not on the team providing a service or on how the project is handled. Instead, the criterion of this model is the result and not the means that are behind it. For example, you will state a pre-defined target and a set of requirements that your service provider must meet within a defined deadline.

Is this service model for you? If you do not want to worry about handling an offshore software team or do not have the time to look into the process, then this service model is for you.

3 Tips on Selecting the Best Service Model

  • Understand you needs and choose the approach that suits your requirements
  • Analyze how flexible you are willing to be and what risks you are willing to take
  • Think about what you want the service provider to be responsible for

By asking yourself such questions, you can narrow down on your search for the ideal software development service model.

Which software model would you go for and why? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you.

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