Why Choose a Call Center with Live Call Monitoring?

Did you know that live call monitoring can effectively train agents, improve best practices and increase the overall efficiency of a call center? If you plan on outsourcing call center services, you will need to choose a call center that offers live call monitoring. Find out why.

When global enterprises outsource call center services, they expect quality customer support services. What better way to ensure quality customer support, than live call monitoring? Live call monitoring refers to the process of listening to an agent and caller in real-time, to ensure that quality standards are being met. When outsourcing, be sure to choose a service provider that offers this feature.

How Is Live Call Monitoring Performed?

There is not one, but different ways through which live call monitoring can be carried out. For instance, the manager of a call center team can listen to the responses of agents and evaluate their performance. Or he/she could sit next to a call center agent and listen to them handling a call or series of calls. The manager can then provide immediate feedback on the agent’s capability at handling customer queries.

Live call monitoring can also be carried out through the use of specialized call monitoring software. With the aid of the software, the manager of a team of call center agents will simply have to select a single agent or a group of agents from a live monitoring observing link. The software will take care of the rest and display relevant information about the agent and the caller. Calls can be saved and tags can be quickly added for easy retrieval, with a simple quick clicks. The software can also alert managers of calls that may benefit from live call monitoring. For instance, when a call takes too long to resolve, the manager can see it on the software’s dashboard or could even get an alert to tune into the call.

What Are The Benefits of Live Call Monitoring?

Choosing a service provider that offers live call monitoring, does come with many benefits, such as,

  • Increase in efficiency: When customer support agents work better at their job, there will be a drastic reduction in bad calls and a quick increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Huge cost savings: Inefficiency in a call center can be expensive. When the efficiency level of a call center is reduced, it will result in cost savings.
  • Improvements in best practices: Live call monitoring can bring in improvements in processes and calling scripts, through reviewing or an agent’s performance and the customer response.
  • Effective training: Live call monitoring is an effective way to increase the performance of an agent and to drastically reduce their errors.
  • Improved agent performance: When a call center agent is aware that he/she is being monitored, their attention to detail will increase.

When live call monitoring is practiced, it will result in an efficient workplace, satisfied customers and qualified calling agents.

Live Call Monitoring at Outsource2india

At Outsource2india, all our agents are closely monitoring with the assistance of live call monitoring software and dedicated managers. When you outsource customer support to Outsource2india, you can be assured of high quality, as we work very hard at improving the individual performance of each of our agents. You can sure that our customer support agents will be handling the call of your customers with professionalism and proficiency, making sure to resolve problems at the earliest. Opt for our Inbound Call Center Services, Outbound Call Center Services, Telemarketing Services or Technical Support Services. We promise you quality at every step of the outsourcing process.

Did you like reading this post? Do you think that live call monitoring is important for call centers? Would you choose a call center who does not offer live call monitoring? Let us know your views, by leaving a comment in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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  1. Choosing a call center with live call monitoring is a game-changer! This blog effectively highlights the numerous benefits of this essential feature. From quality assurance to real-time feedback, the advantages are clear. It empowers businesses to ensure excellent customer service, improve agent performance, and maintain high standards. If you’re looking for a call center that prioritizes efficiency and customer satisfaction, this blog will guide you towards the right choice. Don’t underestimate the power of live call monitoring!

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