Why Your CPA Firm Should Outsource Bookkeeping?

By outsourcing bookkeeping, a CPA firm can leverage better flexibility, fewer errors, faster TAT and access to skilled accountants.

Today’s accounting industry is more competitive than ever for a CPA firm. If your CPA firm wants to stay ahead of the game, you will not only have to deliver a wide array of services with consistency and at a reasonable cost, but also be more flexible in your work schedule. Such heavy demands leave CPAs feeling exhausted, if they also have to deal with simple accounting tasks like payroll accounting, bookkeeping or managing tax returns. These tasks are not only time consuming, but are also not lucrative.

CPAs are loaded with a lot of responsibilities. From making sure that accounts are accurately depicted and supporting clients in setting up controls and compliance to increasing the ROI of their own business and cutting down the cash cycle, there is no rest for a CPA. To develop and sustain their firms, CPAs also have to adopt cost-cutting methodologies. Given the above circumstances, what do you think a CPA should do to manage everything efficiently, within tight cost and time constraints? Outsource bookkeeping? Yes, you got it right!

Bookkeeping, a simple accounting task can eat up a lot of time and is also not very profitable for a CPA firm. Though this activity is simple, it requires an in-depth attention to get it done right. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to partner with a credible service provider who can undertake your work using the skills of proficient accountants. This is important, as attention to detail is paramount in bookkeeping. By outsourcing bookkeeping, CPAs can use their time more efficiently to focus on value-add services like investments, wealth planning, tax planning, financial disclosures and offering advice to clients.

Benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping services

  • Flexibility to take on more clients who utilize different software, as the outsourcing service provider will have access to a wide range of software packages
  • Stringent quality control processes to make sure that the services provided to CPAs are free from errors
  • Access to skilled and trained accountants to assist with bookkeeping on a 24/7 basis
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Guaranteed savings of costs up to 50%, which can help your CPA firm keep your prices competitive
  • No need to incur extra costs for staff expenses, office space or extra workstations

While several CPAs have chosen outsourcing and are leveraging the benefits of sending their high-volume bookkeeping work across the globe, this step is still too far for a majority of CPA firms. While some CPA firms are worried about losing control, there are others who feel their data will not be secure. However, this is not true, and outsourcing remains to be a good option. Outsourcing services providers in India can assure you of 100% security and make sure that you are continuously briefed about your work.

Is your CPA firm still hesitant about outsourcing work? Don’t be! Talk to us at Outsource2india and find out how you can leverage the benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping services.

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