Why India is Synonymous with Outsourcing?

Did you know that the mere mention of the term “outsourcing” to people in the US or UK brings to mind just one thing, which is the country of India? So why has India out beaten the rest and become so famous? What does India have to make it the foremost choice for 90 percent of software companies in the US?

Research reports prove that India is unbeatable

Here are some hardcore findings from leading research firms that have proved that India is unbeatable when it comes to outsourcing:

A recent Capgemini- Harris International survey, which interviewed Fortune 1000 companies, states that India has over 60 percent of the outsourcing market share in the US, while China has an overall market share of only 27 percent

  • The 2011 AT Kearney GSLI (Global Services Location Index) has revealed that India has consistently maintained its number one position as the favourite back-office destination in Asia followed by China and Malaysia
  • The AT Kearney survey also stated that India is an outstanding and irreplaceable offshore destination, because it has the talent, profound skill base, cost advantage and capability to handle any type of outsourcing work. As far as IT and ITES services are concerned, India is currently the world leader, with no competitors

5 reasons that have made India the number one choice for outsourcers

  1. India has excellent colleges and universities which steadily churns out an average of 3.1 million graduates every year, thereby producing the largest pool of competent and technically skilled resources in the world
  2. India is equipped with an excellent network of international data communication links across cities, cutting-edge software technology parks and constant government support for IT development
  3. With over 350 million Indians speaking English, it is no wonder that India is the second largest English-speaking nation in the world. Indian resources are in demand for their command over English and their technical skills. This is also the reason why India is the leading destination for voice-based BPO solutions
  4. India offers talented employees at low costs for almost every imaginable service, be it content writing, CAD, mobile application development or medical billing
  5. India has the ability to deliver services within a fast turnaround time, because of its advantageous time zone difference. Since India is12 hours ahead of the US and 5.5 hours ahead of UK, it is possible for Indian vendors to deliver the completed work before their customers wake up

With the above reasons it is quite easy to see why India is synonymous with outsourcing.

Has your company outsourced to India? Was it successful? Did the advantages that India offers help your company to get more competitive? Tell us about your outsourcing experiences.


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