Why outsource?

Have you ever wondered why organizations outsource? Are you wondering whether you must invest in outsourcing? Here are a list of reasons why organizations and individuals choose to outsource a part of there business processes.

  • Increase productivity, commitment and profits in non core business processes
  • Change fixed costs into variable costs
  • Greater control of your budget
  • Access to new markets and business opportunities through your outsourcing partner’s network
  • Improve your risk management
  • Lower costs because of economies of scale
  • More time to spend on core business functions
  • Access to new and innovative ideas about performing your services from your offshore partner
  • Opportunities to generate cash by transferring assets to the offshore provider
  • Improved business image and credibility by associating with superior service providers
  • Increased flexibility and ability to meet changing market conditions
  • Access to services delivered to you within your deadlines
  • Save more by not investing in expensive software, technology and infrastructure
  • Less dependency on in-house employees
  • Improvement in internal management
  • Higher quality of products and services
  • Greater security, confidentiality and business continuity

Do you know of any other reasons why companies choose to outsource? If so, please leave a comment.

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