Why Outsource Legal Research?

Outsourcing legal research services can not only help you to save on cost, but can also give your attorneys the extra time to focus on their lawsuits. Find out more about the legal research outsourcing and why you must consider it.

The process of obtaining an answer to a legal question or extracting the legal precedent that can be cited in a brief or trial is known as Legal Research. Almost every appeal, lawsuit and criminal case requires a certain amount of legal research. Legal research services can throw light on binding law that is codified in statues, caselaws or regulations. It can also explain legal theory and primary law found in legal digests, journals or treatises. The most important function of legal research is to find out how previous courts have decided for cases with a similar fact pattern. Legal research is also used extensively to look up cases and to verify the current law.

Legal research offers many uses for attorneys and paralegals. While an attorney may use legal research to decide how to proceed with a particular case (by reviewing caselaws with a similar fact pattern), a corporate lawyer may use legal research to evaluate whether a new policy would expose a company to liability (by researching about employment laws, building codes etc).

Legal research is conducted by using a wide array of resources like journals, books, periodicals, newspapers and online sources. Research will be gathered only from reputable sources. Comprehensive research about past cases and judgments will also be conducted in tandem with the attorney.

The need to outsource

The fast-paced legal environment of today leaves no time for errors and even lesser time for carrying out extensive legal research. Practicing attorneys and paralegals that are already hard-pressed for time often find it challenging to make time for detailed research. This is where legal research outsourcing can help.

With customized legal research services, your law firms and attorneys can meet your deadlines on time. Instead of recruiting an extra resource to conduct legal research, you can simply outsource. You can save big on the cost of hiring and training a new resource, while getting quick access to quality legal research services from experienced professionals.

Benefits of legal research outsourcing

  1. Low overhead cost

    Outsourcing legal research will give your firm the benefit of low overhead costs, as you can save on cost of hiring in-house associates. Your firm will not have to pay salaries or employee benefits.

  2. Avail specialist assistance

    Legal research has to be handled by a research expert, who has expertise in the field. Outsourcing can put you in touch with such professionals.

  3. Focus on your practice

    Through outsourcing, you can ensure that experts in the field are handling your legal research. This will give you the confidence and freedom to focus on growing your practice.

Choose from a range of legal research services

When you outsource legal research services, you can choose from litigation/non-litigation research, case law research, multi-jurisdictional surveys, statutory legal research, case law research, international law research, federal legislative history research, regulatory and administrative law research, legislative bill tracking research, LexisNexis/Westlaw research, legal research of secondary sources, jury verdict and settlement research and legal opinions.

Legal research services at Outsourc2india

The attorneys at Outsource2india tap into Westlaw and LexisNexis databases to conduct legal research for stipulations, statues and cases. Our team of experienced paralegals and attorneys are not only given adequate training but also have a vast experience in carrying out effective research for different clients. The team is given regular training and is constantly updated with the ever-changing laws. You can be assured of the best lawyers doing the research for you when you outsource to Outsource2india. Find out more about our legal research services.

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