Why Outsourcers Choose India?

Upcoming outsourcing markets try to study why India is often selected above other outsourcing locations. India is the most preferred choice because the country has several advantages, which other countries do not have. These plus points have made India the first choice for many outsourcers in the US and UK.

India has a large population who are highly educated in different fields. The people in India are fluent in both written and spoken English, which has made communication easier. This is a huge plus point for India, as several countries cannot step into outsourcing because of language barriers.

Apart from being fluent in English, Indians are also computer literate. The young people in India are tech-savvy and are well-versed with the latest software available in different industries. Since technology plays a major part in outsourcing, India again has won the favors of outsourcers in this area.

India has become immensely popular with outsourcers because the country offers high-quality services at a cost-effective price. With this two way benefit, outsourcers benefit from better quality services and save on expenses. The low wages in India is one of the reasons why companies choose the option of outsourcing to India.

In India, education and higher education is much stressed upon. Most Indians today hold master degrees in various fields and are also highly educated in the field of IT. This factor has given Indians an edge over other countries competing in the field of outsourcing. Outsourcers find it easy to entrust their projects to India, because Indians are talented, knowledgeable, skilled, hard-working and well-educated. Apart from the tremendous growth that outsourcing has given rise to in India, other industries such as manufacturing, retail, banking etc have also grown to a large extent and has aided in the overall growth of India.

India is again a much preferred destination because it has a young population. Statistics have recorded that more than 60% of the Indian population are below the age of 25. The young working people in India are highly talented, technically skilled and can be easily trained to learn a new job. The Indian government has opened up the country’s economy, thereby paving the way for more outsourcing into the country. India has also seen a rapid growth of telecommunications, infrastructure and transportation. These factors have increased the credibility of India. Most of the Indian organizations have the latest in infrastructure and technology. This is another reason why more and more outsourcers prefer to outsource to India.

After the Indian government setup specialized economic zones, there has been a tremendous blooming of IT parks and software companies in India. This has brought in a lot of outsourcing projects to India. Most countries also prefer India, because of the high productivity that India offers. Work outsourced to India is completed much ahead of time and this has been a huge benefit for outsourcers.

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