Why Should your Business use Automatic Document Classification?

Automatic document classification (ADC) is a popular method used to manage unstructured information. With automatic document classification, your business can enjoy a faster, scalable and objective classification.

As a busy organization, you would be receiving a huge amount of paper documents (invoices, email, mail, faxes etc.) every single day. Even after such documents are scanned, it will still be cumbersome to manage and organize them. Recent research has revealed that nearly two-thirds organizations cannot access their information or find important documents because of poor information classification. The research also revealed that the problem might be arising due to manual classification of documents, as this can be inconsistent and spotted with errors. The answer to this problem lies in automatic document classification.

Automatic document classification (ADC) has now become a popularly used method when it comes to managing unstructured information. ADC refers to the process of dividing and organizing text based on a set of pre-defined categories that offer quick and easy retrieval of information. With automatic document classification, your business can enjoy a faster, scalable and objective classification. Once your content is organized, you will find it easy to access it whenever you need it.

Manual document classification vs. ADC

Manual document classification, even if it is detailed and accurate still has its limitations. It takes a lot of time, is subjective and is possible only with human intelligence. These limitations make automatic document classification an absolute must.
Manual document classification is a time consuming process. Since there are several rules and categories to take into account, it is easy for individuals to make mistakes when there are a large number of documents to classify.

Humans will not be able to manage a huge volume of information (all the information on a website, full list of regulations and laws of a government institute or all the articles in a newspaper’s archive) and efficiently categorize it. If only humans were to work, all the information would be impossible to categorize within a reasonable timeframe. Also, with humans having different interpretations when it comes to text classification, you could be left with incorrect, subjective or inconsistent classification.

With automatic document classification, your company can leverage a significant reduction in manual entry costs and accelerate the turnaround time of document processing. With automatic document classifications, organizations can effectively organize, control and access the information of their enterprise.

Automatic document classification can ensure the easy and quick retrieval of documents. This will lead to better access of corporate knowledge, improved risk management and compliance; better decision making, superior customer relationship management and a better way to monetize information.

Benefits of automatic document classification

  • Better consistency
    With automatic document classification, you will get the same unbiased results over and over. Although the classification may not be always be 100% accurate, you will at least be able to understand what went wrong.
  • Includes the larger context
    This type of classification takes into account the entire organization’s perspective and not just the individuals. For instance, if a person was doing a classification of a sport, they may include the name of a specific player but may forget to tag a team of a country.
  • Round-the-clock support
    While a single individual can only handle a certain number of incoming documents, an automatic classification system will work 24/7
  • Cost-effective
    An automatic document classification system can handle thousands of documents at a speed that is much faster than an individual
  • Automatic classification of documents
    An automatic document classification system can adapt and change quickly as and when more data is made available. Because of this feature, there is no need for manual intervention.
  • Adaptable to high variable content
    Since automatic document classification has advanced machine-learning technology, it can classify scanned documents based on their content, even if the content is variable. The auto-tuning feature makes this possible.
  • Save on time
    Automatic document classification can remove the need for human intervention or the manual classification of documents. Since this a repetitive and time consuming process, automatic document classification can help your employees save on time. The system becomes quicker with time as it learns more about documents that is scans and classifies. With a repetitive and time consuming process successfully automated, the precious time of your employees can be saved and invested elsewhere.

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