Why Use Intuit’s Lacerte for Tax Preparation?

Find out why Intuit’s Lacerte is the most go-to-software for all you tax preparation needs.

Have you found tax return preparation to be both tedious and complicated? With the ever-growing complexity in tax laws and regulations, Intuit’s Lacerte software comes as a boon for tax prepares. Not just enterprises, but several accounting firms and individual accounts regard the Lacerte software as one of the top tax preparation applications. Lacerte is indeed considered as an indisputable leader in this segment.

This software comes with a wide array of features and is pre-loaded with both tools and functions to help accountants to increase productivity, improve efficiency, maximize profitability and streamline the workflow. Lacerte is versatile and can be used by part-timers, newbies as well as commercial firms.

Intuit’s Lacerte comes in diverse variants, each of which caters to a unique segment, be it partnership, corporate, individual, exempt, estate, fiduciary, benefit plan etc. There are inbuilt professional tax options that can be used throughout the year. Apart from Lacerte’s wide range of features, the best is its simple-to-use tax preparation interface, which is a delight to users.

Benefits of using Intuit’s Lacerte

If your business is looking for a tax preparation solution that can strengthen your enterprise and help you cut down on paper work, Lacerte is something you can consider. Here are some benefits of using Lacerte for tax preparation.

  1. The worksheet-design facilitates a fast input and a single-mouse click through navigation to forms
  2. Enjoy a fast and secure tax preparation process
  3. The deep form sets features along with the calculation tool can assist you in preparing complicated tax returns
  4. With advanced diagnostics, you can quickly identify errors with the least interferences
  5. The Missing Client Data Function is not only a great time-saver, but it can also help you become more productive
  6. Get access to online tax resources, that can help you stay abreast with the latest federal tax policies

Outsource tax preparation with lacerte

Is your enterprise looking for tax preparation services? If yes, then look no further than Outsource2india. We offer end-to-end tax preparation services using Intuit’s Lacerte. Our team can help you with FORM 1040, 1065 and 1120. We guarantee complete transparency and absolute confidentiality during the entire tax preparation process. Our team is aware of the latest US tax guidelines and will keep you informed of any new change.

Outsource2india has over 20 years of experience in handling the tax preparation needs of global customers. Not only does our team have an extensive tax domain experience, but are also well-versed at using multiple tax software applications. As your outsourcing service provider, you can be assured of 50% savings, as we do everything possible to minimize cost for you. We work on a 24/7 basis, utilize the best of infrastructure and follow the highest standards of security, so that your business will be more than pleased with our tax preparation services. Find out more about outsourcing tax preparation with lacerate.

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