Why Your Business Needs a Data Lake?

Improvements in customer interactions, increase in operational efficiencies and better business growth are just a few reasons why your business needs a data lake. Read this blog post to find out more about the benefits your business can reap from a data lake.

Did you know that if you successfully generate business value from you data, you would outperform your peers? Recent surveys have revealed that organizations that implemented a data lake are sure to outperform their rivals by an increase in revenue growth. By acting on the data stored in their data lakes, organizations were able to identify and seize the opportunities for business growth, retain customers, attract new customers, boost productivity, maintain devices and make informed business decisions.

Data lakes can enable you to import any amount of data in real-time. This feature enables you to scale data of any size, while saving on time to define data structures and schema. With a data lake, both relational and non-relational data can be easily stored. With crawling, cataloging and indexing of data, you can understand the data that is stored in the data lake. Data developers, data scientists and business analysts can all access the data lake with ease. Data lakes enable business to run analytics without the need to move the data to separate analytics system. Different types of insights, along with historical data can be generated and models can be built to forecast likely outcomes, along with a set of actions to achieve the required results.

With a data lake, your business can harness more data from more sources, all within less time. Moreover, your business will be able to collaborate and evaluate data in varied ways that will lead to improved decision making. Here are some ways a data lake can help your business:

  • Improvements in customer interactions
    With a data lake, customer data from a CRM platform can be combined with social media analytics. You will get access to a marketing platform that will empower your business to understand the most profitable customer interactions, the causes behind customer churn and the rewards/promotions that you can offer to increase customer loyalty.
  • Advance R&D innovation choices
    With access to your data lake, your R&D team can test their hypothesis and assumptions and then assess the results, like selecting the right materials in your product design (leading to faster performance), genomic research or even comprehending the willingness of consumers when it comes to paying for different attributes.
  • Increase operational efficiencies
    Data lake services can introduce your business to more ways of collecting data on processes like manufacturing, since you will be getting access to real-time data from Internet Connected Devices. With a data lake, it becomes easy to store and run analytics on machine-generated data. Your business will also be able to discover ways to minimize operational costs and increase overall quality.
  • Deployment with the cloud
    With data lakes in the cloud, your business can benefit from better performance, reliability, scalability and availability. With the cloud, your business can benefit from better security, better availability, faster time to deployment, more geographic coverage, more elasticity and costs linked to the actual utilization.

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