What is Geotagging Data Entry? Why Your Business Needs It?

The process of adding geographical information to images, videos, social media pages and websites in the form of metadata is known as geotagging. Find out how geotagging can help your business.

Is your business looking at digitally mapping your location? If yes, what you need is geotagging. Pinpointing exact positions on the map can give your business an opportunity to share integral geographical points of interests with customers or on your social media handles /business website. Geotagging can not only be used to tag your location, but can be used for videos, images, social media pages and websites. The list is indeed endless.

Geotagging refers to the process of adding geographical information to different media in the form of metadata. The data will consist of coordinates like longitude, latitude, bearing, altitude, distance and place names. When geotagging is added to an image, customers can get specific information about details like where the picture was taken or even the exact location of friend who logged in to view the picture. With outsourcing, you can avail accurate geotagging data entry services, without having to take your focus away from your core business.

How geotagging data entry can help your business

  • Categorize videos/photos: Countless videos and photos can be compiled and categorized for optimal organization. Once this is achieved, the photos and videos can be precisely geotagged.
  • Consolidate company information into location based parameters: With your company information organized, your business partners or employees can find location based resources with ease.
  • Geotagging of media related data: You can extract locations from websites, photos, SMS and videos across any type of media. This is an ideal way to map your business on Facebook, Google Maps, Google Earth or LinkedIn
  • Geotagging on apps: Get a database that is formatted to use across popular applications. This is boon for businesses that use location mapping.
  • Geotagging of locational features: Information like the distance, place names, altitude etc can be added to your videos, images and websites to make them easily searchable.

The types of geotagging data entry you can opt for

  • Image geotagging data entry: No matter the amount of images that you have or the varied format that the images are in, you can get a secure database for all of your company’s location mapped images.
  • Geotagging of business locations: Your business’s location on Google Maps and Google Earth can be geotagged with precision. Geotagging your business locations will make your company easily searchable.
  • Video geotagging data entry: Once your geotagged videos are carefully indexed, sorted and compiled, you can effortlessly use and retrieve them as needed.
  • Website geotagging data entry: Geotagged information from websites will be collected from websites and entered into a structured database so that you can manage any amount of information with ease?
  • Geotagged data conversion: Do you want material that can work with your current website, portable device or operating system? With geotagged data conversion, any material can be quickly converted into a working format.

Want to know more about how outsourcing geotagging works?

At Outsource2india, we can offer you with tailor-made geotagging data entry services. Our process starts with an in-depth personalized consultation, where your requirements are taken into account. Next, the data will be extracted from its existing format using top-notch scanners and software programs. The data will then be formatted and assigned with precise location tagging. Once your requested locations are effectively geotagged, we will give you an easy-to-use database, which can be quickly uploaded into your apps, websites, devices or social media platforms. The database can be configured to match your exact specifications. Find out more about our Geotagging Data Entry Services.

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