Why Your Business Needs Google Analytics?

Do you want to improve the performance of your website and find out your poor performing pages? Are you keen on converting your visitors into leads? If yes what your business needs is Google Analytics. Read this blog post to find out more about how Google Analytics can help your business.

Do you want to gather valuable data about the visitors who visit your website? Do you want to know more about their location, their behaviour and the pages that they have visited? What you need is Google Analytics. Through Google Analytics you can find out more about your users. This can help you make good decisions for your online strategy. With data driven decisions, your marketing will not only be more strategic but also effective and can outperform competitors who are not utilizing a data driven strategy for their website.

Google Analytics can help you spot some aspects of customer behaviour which will give insight about the needs of your users and whether you are meeting those needs. You can be sure of a successful business if you are meeting the needs of your customers. Here are three ways Google Analytics can show you if you are meeting the requirements of your customers and how you can use data to improve sales. If your Google Analytics account is up and running, you will be able to do these checks right away.

  1. Can you identify your most valuable traffic sources?

    Your users expect your presence on social media, but are you focussing on the right social media channel? It is a known fact that social media can drive more traffic, get you more leads and increase your brand exposure. This is why you need to find out which social media channels are driving the most traffic and where your visitors are coming from. You can then quickly do away with channels that are wasting your time and focus on the channels that are bringing you leads, traffic and sales. Traffic reports can show you which traffic source is bringing you the most valuable traffic. Google Analytics can help you save on precious time and use it only where you know you are getting better results. You can also set up goals for the actions you want your visitors to make and find out which traffic channels have contributed the most to your goals of signing up for a newsletter, making an enquiry or downloading a white paper.

  2. Are you providing your visitors with an engaging online experience?

    The more engaged your visitors are the more time they are likely to spend on your websites and the more chance you will have at converting them from a lead into a customer. Google Analytics can show you what content on your website is catching the attention of your users. This can help you create engaging content. You can also find out your worst performing content and find ways to improve it. Through Google Analytics, you can find out how visitors are moving around your content and what content they are engaging with. This will give you a clear picture if they are finding out what they came looking for.

  3. Can you quickly identify problems on your website that are affecting your sales and lead generation?

    Google Analytics can tell you more about your bounce rate. This is a measure of how many people only visited one single page of your site. It is critical to keep a watchful eye on this metric, as if it is too high, it can indicate that your website is not engaging enough, or maybe having performance issues like pages which are not loading. Taking steps to improve your bounce rate will ensure that your customers are more engaged with your website and may turn into a prospective lead or customer.

Google Analytics is a free tool that comes loaded with features. Although it only takes moments to set up, several businesses open their account, but never have the time to set it up. Another problem is that businesses find it hard to make sense of the data, because it is not set up. At Outsource2india, we can help you with Google Analytics. Our service include, Site Statistics, Advanced Analytics, Customization and Optimization Testing. From start to finish, we can successfully implement Google Analytics for your website. Our team of skilled web analysts can help you identify your most valuable traffic sources, help you provide an engaging online experience to customers and quickly identify problems that are affecting your sales and lead generation. So, what are waiting for? Get started with Google Analytics Services right away and see the difference in your site’s performance.

Did you like reading this post? Do you have more questions about Google Analytics? Or an experience with web analytics that you would like to share? Simply leave your comments in the box below and we will be happy to respond to you. We, at Outsource2india love to hear from you!

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