Why Your Enterprise Should Outsource Transcription?

Transcribing business content can help you save on cost, avail accurate results and improve scalability. Find out more about why your enterprise should consider outsourcing

Did you know that audio transcription is a skill that is to a large extent under-utilised in the world of business? The benefits of transcribing business-related content are far too many to be left unnoticed. From improving the visibility of your website, to self-promotion, offering written training material to employees and making informed business decisions, investing audio transcription can do all of this and more. However, many companies shy away from transcribing because of the additional cost of recruiting and in-house transcription team. Outsourcing transcription is guaranteed to be more streamlined, quicker and effective. If your enterprise is facing a similar scenario, it is time to consider outsourcing. Here is why investing in transcription services is a good decision.

  1. Minimize time and cost

    Recruiting a team of in-house transcribers will not only be expensive, but will also be time-intensive. The cost of staffing alone can be crippling, once you consider other costs like salary, sick leave, annual leave, tax, accounting, human resources etc. Further, this will not include the ongoing cost of transcription software, hardware and other equipment. Considering the cost involved in in-house transcription, it is more profitable to pay for the services of a reliable outsourcing service provider either on an ongoing/ad-hoc basis. Another bonus of outsourcing is that your managers will be free to focus on the critical aspects of business such as sales and marketing, services/products and customer relationships. By shifting your transcribing responsibilities to an external provider, your enterprise can reduce on time and cost. You will also only be paying for the services that you need and when you need them.

  2. Improved scalability

    As you have already have experienced, the transcription requirements of a business will ebb and flow at different times. A sudden influx of work can generate a vast volume of transcripts that would be difficult for your single transcriber or a team of few transcribers to handle. At the same time, when there is drop in volume, it could lead to the under-utilisation of your resources. This is where outsourcing can help, as a team of professional transcribers will be able to cope with transcribing, no matter the increase or the decrease in volume. You will also not have to worry about under-utilisation, as you will have to outsource only when you have the need to.

  3. Guaranteed results and short TAT

    A quick turnaround time of less than 24 hours is what is offered by most transcription companies. You will not have to proofread the transcripts, as you can be sure that each transcript will be accurate, consistent and formatted as per your liking. Transcribers working for outsourcing companies usually have years of experience in typing, are fluent in English and skilled at word processing. Through outsourcing, you can count on the experience of skilled transcriptionists.

  4. Better objectivity

    Transcripts created by a specialist transcription service provider are more likely to be viewed as professional and impartial, when compared with transcripts produced in-house. This is because an external transcriber will not be affected by listener bias. This type of objectivity is particularly required for industries like the legal domain. Impartiality in transcription is invaluable to all organizations.

  5. Easy expansion of things that you transcribe

    Being a busy organization, you may be transcribing only a few things in-house. But, with outsourcing, you can start transcribing more material like corporate meetings/minutes, blogs on your website, training sessions. Client webinars, market research calls, corporate videos, presentations, phone interviews, business calls etc. The list is indeed endless. Transcribing such materials can help to promote your business and increase the visibility of your business website. You can also review your training sessions and extract important information by reading through your meetings in the text format. This will enable your enterprise to make informed decisions based on the transcribed content from market research, business calls, conferences or phone interviews. Instead of your managers trying to recall important details that were communicated verbally, they can read the transcript.

Are you ready to outsource?

At Outsource2india, we offer fast, accurate and reliable audio transcription services for enterprises from different industries. Backed up by 20 years of experience in transcribing, we can assure you of error-free transcripts of any kind of content, be it webpages, video, conferences or phone calls. All our transcribers are experienced in transcribing and recruited only after intensive training. As our partner, you can avail transcription services at a fraction of the cost of hiring a team on internal transcriptionists. We are extremely flexible and can customize our services to match your changing requirements. Our 8 hour turnaround time, transcripts in multiple formats 3-tier quality checks are just a few benefits of working with us. Find out more about outsourcing transcription services to Outsource2india and join our group of 18488+ happy customers.

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