Your Hospital can benefit by Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management

Is the efficiency of your hospital or healthcare clinic suffering because of pending receivables or a badly managed healthcare revenue cycle? If yes, then the best way out of this dilemma is to outsource revenue cycle management to a professional service provider in India.

Outsourcing to a healthcare service provider in India is the best decision you can make, as it can guarantee high quality services and a great Return on Investment (ROI). With the day-to-day handling of your hospital’s revenue cycle management out of your hands, your physicians can finally be free to focus their time and energy on patient care.

Outsourcing can give your hospital manifold advantages

By outsourcing revenue cycle management to India, your hospital or clinic can leverage the following eight benefits:

  • Faster cash flow
  • Systematic and planned business operations
  • Hastened revenue recovery
  • Regular and continuous monitoring of critical revenue cycles
  • Streamlined healthcare unit operations
  • High quality work at a low cost
  • Freedom from managing in-house employees
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Vast improvement in revenue collections

India offers end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions

When compared to other popular outsourcing destinations, India is the only one that offers revenue cycle management services from beginning to end, thereby helping you to completely focus on patient care. Professional Indian healthcare service providers like Outsource2india offer end-to-end revenue cycle solutions, which include:

  • Medical billing
  • Medical coding
  • Recording of patient details
  • Insurance validations, pre-registration checks and pre-admission checks
  • Charge calculations
  • Clinical documentations
  • Handling of claims scrutiny, denial and approval
  • Managing insurance agency relations
  • Handling patient accounts
  • Regular follow-ups of pending accounts receivables and payments
  • Reviewing causes for non-payment
  • Executing corrective measures to improve revenue recovery

Why choose India for revenue cycle management?

India is the preferred outsourcing destination over The Philippines, Dublin and Manila, as it is only India that offers benefits like:

1. Low cost services: Save up to 40% on your overall operating expenses.
2. Round-the-clock support: Shorten your turnaround time with 24/7 services.
3. Skilled healthcare professionals: Get experienced professionals to manage your revenue cycle management.
4. HIPPA compliant processes: Be assured of meeting the compliance measures of HIPAA.
5. Latest healthcare software & technology: Save on the cost of investing on the expensive software and systems needed for revenue cycle management.
6. Assured data security: Stay confident that all your information is kept safe and private with the latest security practices and policies.

Has your hospital tried outsourcing revenue cycle management before? If yes, what were some of the benefits that you gained by outsourcing?

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